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Understanding Web Accessibility |
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The power of the Web lies in the fact that anyone and everyone can access it, and this should also extend to users with disabilities. Accessibility is about making websites accessible to those with aural, visual, or physical disabilities, or rather, constructing websites that don’t exclude these people from accessing the content or services provided. This isn't difficult to accomplish and doesn't require anything more than your normal tool set‐HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, or whatever else. All you need to do is use these tools in the right way, and bear in mind th1e guidelines that exist to help you keep your websites accessible and the laws that enforce web accessibility around the world.


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Course objectives

This course gives you all you need to know about web accessibility, whether you are a web designer or developer who wants your sites to be accessible, or a business manager who wants to learn what impact the web accessibility laws have on your websites. After an overview of the accessibility law and guidelines, and a discussion about accessibility and its implementation in the enterprise, the course will show you how to implement accessible websites using a combination of concise references and easy‐to‐follow examples.


This course is addressed to all those which are concerned, by far or of close, with the problem of Accessibility: Business Managers, HR Managers, Project managers, Art Directors, Webmasters, Writers, Communication Officials and, of course, private individuals passionate by the subject.


The course requires intermediate knowledge of HTML or XHTML. Basics knowledge of CSS and JavaScript are a plus but are not required to take this course.

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